Wedding rant.


9 Years
Jan 14, 2011
Saturday I have to go to my best friends little sisters wedding.... I'd rather sit at work. Besides the fact that they've already broken of one engagement, and have never been able to live together with out getting into a fight and breaking up, they are just two little kids trying to play house. Currently living in Mommy and Daddys basement (paying 0) and she is already 6 months pregnant (thanks to fertility meds and some doctors) I could go on n on, but the final straw was she hung up on my best friend (her older sister, who's the maid of honor) and told her that she hates everything and doesn't care cos the wedding a load of poop. Mind you, my friend has taken a week off work to help with this wedding, has been landscaping the parents house (where the ceremony is) daily, and trying to put everything else together , without any help/ideas/ guidance from Ms Bride to be.

So now I get to go to this "wedding"....and smile. Yay.

It will be interesting none the less...

Sorry for the rant!
I would rant too... but the best way to look at it is that you are going for YOUR FRIEND... not her sister. Focus on that and you will get through the day.


Just what I was thinking. Sounds like your friend's going to need the support.

to you and her.
to bridezilla.
In a past life I arrived at the location for my wedding and no one had bothered to leave me anywhere to park. I would have had to park 5 blocks away but no. Brilliant dad in law said to pull up on the lawn, with no room to get through, keep in mind I am in heels and the dress trying to drive. So I bumped the uncles car. But they gave a check for the wedding present and it bounced so I didn't feel too bad about the ding on their 40 year old beater. Have fun and don't hit anyone!
Thanks.... thats exactly what Im doing. I plan on taking my friend out for a strong drink sometime soon

I had to go out and buy her wedding gift today... so I think Im just a little more snarky about it than usual. I never got a TY from her bridal shower gift...and I doubt I will with this one either.
That has GOT to be the ultimate in bad wedding presents. Wow.

I liked DH and my wedding. 6 people in attendance, well 7 if you count the friend we had who married us. We got more flack and grief for not telling anyone we were getting married...but much less stress than actually planning a wedding

To the OP, hopefully they have a reception and the food is good

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