Wedge Tailed Eagles


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9 Years
May 30, 2010
Just looked out of my window and saw a bird swooping over the top of my chicken run, I thought that is unusual, a bird (we live in regional Western Australia) as birds are very scarce here; then thought it is big for a crow. Then realised that it was circling over my chickens, I ran out the house and took the dog for back-up. I was yelling and screaming at this bird but it didn't fly away, as I rounded the corner of the shed there stood on the floor of the run was the birds mate. It took alot of screaming, shouting and arm waving to get it to fly away - the dog was useless!!

The chickens were all intact and the 4 week old babies although they were going mental at what had just happened.

I have looked on the net and they were Wedge Tailed Eagles that have a wingspan of upto 2.4 metres - I thought they looked big!!

I don't know what to do now, I don't really want them enclosed, their outdoor pen is very large. Is there anything that would keep these birds away - a scarecrow or flapping plastic strips, has anyone any ideas??
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