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The back yard is nothing but dirt and LOTS of weeds, DH sprayed round up about 4 days ago to kill the weeds. My chicks want out of the coop, but they are trying to eat the weeds. How long after he sprayed that stuff will it be safe for them? I don't want them to get sick from eating the weeds that have been sprayed with poison.
I just hate to read these posts where someone sprays poison then asks if it is OK for their flock. So I pull out my soapbox and climb up to decry the use of poison in the environment.
All I can say is that my chickens and ducks eat my weeds and the yard looks fine.

While your flock might not seem to be affected by the Round-Up application, I would not want to eat their eggs.

The folks at Monsanto and BSAF and other chemical producers will surely disagree with me, but I'll stick with sound scientific research that suggest poison is not good for people of animals.

Getting down from my soapbox now.
Thanks for your reply, While I would tend to agree with you, that The poison should not have been used, it has and now I just need to know when it is safe or somewhat safe for the chickens.
Not knowing what formulation of herbicide was sprayed, no one on the BYC forum will be able to tell you with certainty when it is safe.

Does DH still have the container that the herbicide came in? Or can you find a copy of the instructions online?

On the instructions it should say something about how long to keep pets and children off the area after the product was used. Since kids put everything in their mouths, if the manufacturer says "after X number of days" it is safe to children, then I would take that guidance as the time when my chickens will be safe on it.
Thanks, I don't have the container anymore but I can stop by the store and read the instructions on another one. I didn't even think about that
Thank you for the link. The weeds are all dead now and I feel that it is safe to let them out this weekend. I will be their first time free ranging. I am excited but scared at the same time.
I'll stick with sound scientific research that suggest poison is not good for people of animals.

It's good to stick to science rather than rhetoric


Toxicity: Single-dose acute oral studies conducted for the U.S. EPA’s RED indicate
that glyphosate is practically non-toxic to upland birds and only slightly toxic to
waterfowl. Tests on warm and cold water fish indicate that technical glyphosate is
slightly to practically non-toxic to both types.​

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