Week old chick with leg injury! HELP!

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    May 23, 2016
    I have had my 5 chicks since the day they hatched on the 22nd of this month. Mumble (named him after happy feet penguin) has always been different from the other chicks. Mumble has had a problem with his/her leg since I brought them home. I had to remove we will just say him from the others because he was always getting walked all over and pushed around. He looks like he is doing a split half of the time and I'm not sure if he was born like this or if it happened before I got him but like I said I got him a couple hours after he hatched. I took a video and sent it to a friend who also has chickens to get his advice and I'll post it on here to see if anyone else has input. Thanks in advance!
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    Your chicks should be on a non-slip floor or bedding to help them walk. The chick could have splay leg, or possibly a slipped tendon. I would get some vet wrap, and cut it into 1/2 inch strips. Or you can use a bandaid cut in half lengthways. Wrap the legs to where they are about an inch apart, dont get the hobble too tight. This will need to be on for 4-5 days, or replace it when needed. I will send you a link in a few minutes.
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