Week old chick with pasty butt

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    Apr 24, 2017
    My baby blue laced Wyandotte chick had a bunch of poo on her vent and i cleaned it off last night as soon as i saw it. She wasn't walking Around though and breathing heavy. I cuddled with her till 1 am and put her back under the heat lamp. I didn't expect to see her alive this am but she is!!!
    She is alert, although she still won't walk around and is breathing heavy:(
    Please Any suggestions??? I put her bottem in warm water last night for 10 mins hoping to help her poo. nothing happened And her vent is still clean.
    Please help her
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    Hi [​IMG] Welcome To BYC

    I'm sorry you're having trouble.

    Do your best to keep her hydrated, offer some poultry vitamins containing B2 (Riboflavin) or crush a human B-complex vitamin and add to her feed. Wet your chick starter to see if she will eat that once she's hydrated.

    Do you have any photos of your brooder set-up?
    She won't walk - are her legs splayed or spraddled?

    Keep her warm, but provide only one spot of warmth and allow the rest of the brooder to remain cool, chicks can overheat quickly if all the brooder is too warm.

    Soaking her bum and gently clear any pasty butt with a q-tip. You can also apply a little vaseline or coconut oil to the vent and surrounding down to help keep the poop from sticking.

    Unfortunately some chicks may have something internal going on - developmental or genetic disorders and they fail to thrive, but hopefully getting her hydrated and eating she will start to come around.

    Keep us posted on her progress.

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