week old chick's trying to fly away after meeting day old chicks


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Mar 2, 2011
We have 2 chicks (7 or 8 days old) set up in a rubbermaid bin with a light. They have been perfectly happy as long as they're together. We brought 4 brand new chicks home today and now one of the older ones keeps squawking and trying to fly out. We also just changed their feeder and waterer out for larger ones. What do you think is going on? We regularly hold the older chicks and give them treats. I've done that several times today, but each time I put them back with the new chicks, the older one seems upset.
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Probably scared, they are used to you and your family and likely do not realize that hey, they really do look just like me just a wee bit smaller. chances are its just a shock to go from just two to a few more and it will take some getting used to. just make sure you supervise so the older ones do not hurt the little ones or sometimes it can be the other way around too, lol....but at this age they will be fine in no time.

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These posts move SO fast! I think a little time and they will be fine. Might need a top for your brooder, a piece of cardboard usually works just fine at that age. Don't you just love the baby chick stage, it's my fav time.
give them something else to obsess about ? like maybe put a perch in for them ? if they are trying to fly, they probably want to stretch and exercise their wings ... and they can get up on the perch whereas the younger ones can't (yet)

I'd think about one of those "behind the sink" shelves ... or make your own .. or use the plastic-coated spice racks sold to "double stack your spices

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