Weekly Growth of Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chicks


Jun 26, 2018
Easley, SC
I have been taking tons of photos of my chicks that we hatched out on September 4th, 2018. So I figured I'd post photos of them to show their growth and progress. The first photos I'll share are how they currently look at 10 weeks old. Then I'll start with new babies up till now. We had a chance for splash, blue or black, good coloring and poor coloring possible.

Chick #1
Blue Laced Red Rooster (looks great so far). He's a keeper.

Chick #2
Blue Laced Red Pullet (she's decently colored) also a keeper.

Chick #3
Black Laced Red pullet (she's decently colored) also keeping.

Chick #4
Black Laced Gold (ie Gold Laced) Rooster - will be sold soon.

Chick #5
Blue Laced Gold Rooster (poorly marked) definitely selling soon. (on the left)

So that's how they currently look (getting prettier each week). I held onto all 5 this long to be sure roosters from hens. I'm not confident that #4 & #5 are roosters are will be selling a few laying hen pullets that are all kept with this same group soon and will sell them with them. The 2 pullets #2 & #3 along with the rooster #1 are being kept. I want to grow the rooster out and see how he compares to my mature roosters.

Now for baby photos.

Chicks at Day 3.


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Jan 19, 2018
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My Coop
Thank you for liking them! :) The top photos are the most current and the last ones taken since the week 7. I did acquire two new pullets who are 10 weeks old yesterday. They're hopefully for sure pullets (no guarantees but to me they look like pullets). Both blue.
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The pne on the left has a single comb.

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