Weepy eyed chick, (I am still pretty new at this, would love some experienced input).

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    We have a polish baby, 1 wk old. It's left eye is weepy, and in the (front) corner there is a bump of "skin?". I was a little confused when we bought it, I didn't realize at the time. But it had been weepy for a couple days already. He told me,"It gets shaving stuck to it's face, I am going to watch that." I didn't realize it was having an actual issue. I thought he was just saying to keep it's face clean of debris.

    I have never had a chick with an issue before. It is not crusty, or sticking. But it is always wet around the eye. Anyone have this before? Is it going blind? Honestly, I was thinking about giving it back and if not, culling it now. We can only have a few chickens, and being polish I don't really want it taking up a spot for one of my better layers. But if it should be fine I don't want to over react. I know you can't tell me for sure. But any experiences or thoughts you have I would be happy to hear them. The kids get attached you see so I hate to have them bond with a bird that doesn't have a purpose and can't stay here. Though it could be a "life lesson".

    This was suppose to be my sons show bird for fair, so he will be spending a lot of time with it.

    thank you so much for your time!
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    Could be an injury from pecking or the shavings thing is feasible either way you could flush the eye with sterile saline (contact solution). I am not sure what to make of the skin at the corner. There are eye salves or drops. Antibiotics if it looks Infected I guess. You will need to weigh the amount of effort you want to put into the chick.


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