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    One of my finest Hens.. was found dead... she had weakly crawled behind the water pan in the pen and died.
    Her red thing on her head was so bleached it was almost white..the skin on her body was so strangely white infact it was the body itself that was strangely white.. makes me think a weezil sucked her blood.
    this happened to one of my doves once.. i laid the dead dove on top of the dove cage and forgot about it.. two years later the skeleton is still lying t here intact. when there is no blood there is no rot.. to speak of..
    so now what do i do?
    I have a new chicken house.. we boarded it up so tight that i fear they will suffocate. I dont know much about weezils but seems I have one.
    My dawgs dont seem to be of help. they helped plenty when coons visited me..a cage trap solved that problem. i caught a coon a night for 6 nights and took them to a wooded area far from here to live.
    im gonna research weezils and find out more.. Has anyone out there had this problem? jdypat

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