Weight of 8 week old Orpington?


9 Years
Dec 19, 2010
Victoria - Australia!
I would just like to see if my 8 week old Orpington chicks are on track growth and weight wise so I was wondering if anyone could please tell me what an 8 week old Orpington is expected to weigh?
An Australian Orpington has a different Standard than the Wished we could help more.USA. Then the varriation of feed, enviroment etc would also dictate the weight at a certain age.
"It depends" is a very unhelpful answer even if it does depend. I don't think most of us even weigh them at 8 weeks though really.
X2 - I had a real bad hatchery line of Orpington before I got into high-end birds, and I would say at eight weeks they might be around 6-10 ounces. The feed does make a difference (protein content, etc.), and so does the strain. English Orpingtons are a lot heavier then a lot of typical American strains. Hope this helps.
Thanks anyway, my young cockerels weighed in at an average of 1kg which i think is about 35 ounces. They look very fluffy and well rounded but when i pick them up there doesn't seem to be a lot of cover on them for a duel purpose chicken. I might have 2 contact a breeder in Aus and see if they can shed some light.

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