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  1. warren

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    Sep 29, 2007
    My 18 week old sex link weighs 2lb 4oz the same as yesterday. She is supposed to be laying eggs in a month's time but seems so small. She spends most of her time sleeping in the sun and does not eat much. How heavy should she be at this stage?
    Her dad was a RIR and her mom a Plynmouth Barred Rock.
    She should be about 5lb fully grown.
    She seems well. Am I just being over-anxious?
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    Bailey, Mississippi.
    Quote:with those breeds. i would guess she should be right at 4lbs by 1 year. But some chickens come smaller than others. I'd just wait. lay when shes ready. as long as shes well. nothing matters in my opinion.
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    reminds me of an old joke,
    "go get me a henweigh"
    "what's a henweigh?"
    "oh bout' three pounds."
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dude I crack myself up!
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