Weight of my one year old chickens? Are they okay?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by mobius, Feb 16, 2017.

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    My six chix are a week away from one year. So on their birthday they go from pullets to hens! Yay!

    They all began laying at about 20 weeks right on the money. They are now after their winter molt all laying 2.0 oz eggs, an increase from pre-moult.

    They were purchased from a feed store, so are hatchery stock. They seem quite healthy. And friendly and active and all eating...I watch them every day...But I wanted to check their weight...

    So I grabbed three (a random sample [​IMG]) and weighed them today.

    1. Wyandotte: Both right at 4.25 pounds.

    2. Partridge Rock: 5 pounds 1 oz.

    This seems quite a bit lower than the chicken weight tables I have perused.

    1. Wyandotte: Average 6.5#

    2. Rock: Average 7.5#.

    What do you think? Have they stopped growing? Are they too skinny? Are they supposed to get bigger?

    They did just finish a three month slow molt in mid-Jan when they started (slowly) laying again...not all of them perhaps I get 3-4 eggs daily...

    It has been quite a cold winter here.

    They are fed fermented organic layer feed with fermented alfalfa on the side. Their layer feed is available in dry form free feed always although they don't eat a lot of that. Occasional scratch especially if it is to be quite cold overnight.

    They get grit and eggshell free choice and they are out and about most of the day even in the snow.


    ETA: i jut did a keel check on one of the Dottes and at the top of the keel just under her neck, she feels like she is in very good condition. Perhaps I am worrying for nothing...don't know...
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    When is the last time you wormed them?
  3. mobius

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    I have never wormed them! Their poops look very healthy...small, well-formed, solid...I haven't examined them under a microscope though...

    They got a pumpkin last fall with the seeds. I occasionally might give them a bit of garlic in their feed.
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  4. PD-Riverman

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    Might not be your problem? As far as stop growing, them older hens/roosters usually get like me Kinda plump and heavy if fed good and no problems. I worm mine, but when I do I use a wormer that will get all the worms including tape worms---whether they got them or not. My chickens kinda feel like they got some weight tied to their feet when I pick them up----Kinda Like the Owner of the Auction would say when he picked up a hen with a lot of weight----H E A V Y!!
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    They will probably gain a bit more size and weight in their second year...that's what I've observed, tho not measured.
    Overthinking is not always productive [​IMG] hehehe...tho I love it too.
    I'd go by 'feel of keel' rather than weight....there's a 4 picture diagram for that somewhere that's pretty good.
  6. mobius

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    Thank you! i don't think they have worms...no other signs at all other than weight...and no weight loss, just seem a bit under at the moment....not sure...

    Yes @aart re: overthinking, very tongue in cheek of course cause it can get me spinning....

    Found the keel bone reference and they seem fine for their size, very slightly rounded around the keel bone...they sure are cute, I want them to be okay...

    maybe hatchery birds are just smaller...and it is early to tell if they are supposed to keep growing a bit...
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