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Hay all. We have three week old chicks that are doing well, growing and learning to flap around. They are acting peculiar though.The temperature is good, they have fresh water and food. They may just be crowded, but they lay like they are dead. When you stir in them with your hand, they all get up and move, but they act almost drunk at times. We changed the bedding thinking it was ammonia or soured feed. Daughter says they are just tired, but they are weird seeming. Any other ideas? We separated the weaker seeming ones into another tub where they wouldn't get run over so much and that took care of some of the overcrowding problem.
We have 45 chicks in a large water tub, long type with heat at one end, other end they can get cooler if they need to. We have large waterer, keep food in all the time, pine shavings now. Started them in pine pellet bedding but changed to shavings Saturday. Keeping temp 80-95 (depending on the end)
Three week olds? That doesn't sound normal. Some of mine are around that age and never stand still let alone lay like like. Younger birds might, but sounds like something's up.
WoW I thought it was just me mine are doing the same thing .......but I thought I was just watching these cute little chicks to much ( nothings been done around here since they came a week ago sydrome) Nothing else is great drink great....growing like weeds ....just that weird laying down thing...
Of my new 6 chicks, one of the EEs does the laying down with one leg and one wing outstretched...somewhat like a cat would do. When I first brought them home, I checked on them, they were all sleeping, except for (this) one, who literally had its legs up in the air. I just knew it had croaked. But, when I reached in, everyone jumped up and ran around. All are eating, drinking, pooping fine. Just every once in a while, this one does this stretched out thing and goes to sleep. I just think I've acquired another oddity. My dog thinks he's a cat.
Hi Oztrich! I think I know what you are talking about. Does it look like they are laying totally flat with the head and neck extended far out in front and do they have their wings sort of down and spread out on the shavings? Mine do this now and then. I think they are trying to get heat to their lung area and upper body. Of all the chicks I have had , this is a normal routine that I see now and then.
We still have chicks acting weird. Some fine, some very lethargic. Changed heat, temp, light on, light off, bedding, separated some out. Its still just weird. Some act like they are at the point of death, but still eat and drink. They act drunk. Got me scratching my head. I'm ready to send them to live with the daughter.

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