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Mar 21, 2011
I candled tonight, and as expected my farm raised eggs are having much better percentages than the shipped eggs at 99%... shipped are down to 8 from the 18 that shipped. but the surviving eggs are developing nicely... one question though is that one of them has an abnormal air sack instead of being on the wide end it's on the side. Should I go ahead and cull it, or will the embro figure it out when it's time to hatch?

Most of my shipped eggs have a weird air sac too. If it's alive, it should be fine. I've heard that once they go into lockdown, you should make sure the air cell is pointing up (as opposed to the bottom of the incubator).

I think they *sometimes* have a tougher time hatching, and are more likely to need intervention, but I wouldn't cull just based on that.

I'll be watching to hear what the experts say, as 6/7 eggs I have are in this position.
Hey! I have that too.
My chicks all pipped today and 3 are out.
One of my chicks currently working its way out has a air pocket on the side and it actually broke through the egg on the opposite side of the air pocket. I would just hatch it as usual.
i have eggs that have weird air sac its like it starts at the top but goes down the sides as well.
they all hatch but wondering if it has something to do with the fact that they are shipped or humidity
the ones that hatch seam healthy enough
Since this got bumped up, I thought I'd update.

I had 6/7 eggs in my incubator with very weird air sacs. Here's an example of how they looked:

I had 6/7 hatch. One pipped at the narrow end (ironically enough, it was the one egg with a normal air sac), and she was able to just hatch fine. One chick needed a little bit of help out of the shell (I waited til she'd been pipped for 27 hours before I helped), and the other four hatched on their own just fine. The last one had some abnormalities and would've never survived, but it was chirping at me on day 20.
Well, my limited experience taught me that all the time I spent fretting was for nothing- the chick that was in the above pictured egg hatched out perfectly healthy and is a 9 day old gorgeous chick now.

Good luck with your hatch!
Those are what mine look like as well and they were shipped. Though I had one from a local farm that looked that way and I opened it, only to find a developing chick
. I learned my lesson and left all the others alone. They haven't started pipping yet but I did see one of the shipped eggs moving. This is my first hatch so I am mostly learning to leave everything alone and let the incubator do the work.

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