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    , Mich. – Beaker the rooster can't beat the man.
    The northern Michigan fowl whose address has been the focus of at least two court challenges is passing on the chance to crow before the Michigan Court of Appeals.
    Andy and Sharon Peters, Beaker's owners, have instead opted to send the animal to the Second Chance Ranch and Rescue in Petoskey.
    Authorities in September said the couple violated a county ordinance by having a farm animal on residential property. The Peters unsuccessfully fought the decision in Emmet County 90th District Court and 57th Circuit Court.
    Resigned to their legal fate, the couple has begun Beaker's transition to the rescue ranch, where executive director Dr. Pam Graves tells the Petoskey News-Review that he's settling in and "acting like a chicken."

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    chickensducks&agoose :

    Dr. Pam Graves tells the Petoskey News-Review that he's settling in and "acting like a chicken."

    Well, that's a relief [​IMG]

    Definitely odd.​
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    Poor Beaker-seems like "acting like a chicken" is what started the whole thing. [​IMG]
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    I think the A.P. was scrambling for interesting news stories this week. We here on BYC know the situation described to be a rather common and unremarkable (though not pleasant) one.
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