Weird bubble thing on 5 day old chick

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by tanner17567, May 21, 2016.

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    Hi everyone! I just noticed this strange bubble thing on my chick this afternoon. I thought it was just his crop (and may be just that) but was alarmed by the loss of fluff feathers. It's all missing in this patch and I can see what appears to be a fluid-filled bubble. Is this just a normal, full crop? Or am I looking at something more serious?



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  2. MultipleAnimals

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    May 21, 2016
    I don't know what to tell you, I am currently having the same problem with my 20 something day old chicks, Sorry I was not of help
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    The crop is located on the chest wall of chicks, toward the right side. That "bubble" appears to be on the back, correct?

    I have never seen such a thing, but I wonder if it could be a result of something that irritated that spot when the chick was hatching. If that's what caused it, then the chick's body should absorb the fluid over the next week and it should disappear. The down should then come together and fill in that space.

    If your chick is eating, drinking, and pooping normally, growing as fast as the others, I would just keep an eye on it and not do anything else, other than to protect this chick from getting the bubble pecked by other chicks.
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    I'm 99% certain that it is just a distended'll be able to tell for sure in the morning if it's pretty much gone. Some of my chicks get this very same "bubble" when they've been greedy. The reason it looks so weird is that the distension has exposed one of the featherless tracts (technical name = apteria) that the down normally shields from view.
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  5. tanner17567

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    The bubble is kinda on his side, next to the crop, but it does look like his back from that angle (trying to take a picture and he was turning his head). It went down considerably the next day and is still acting completely normal and healthy. Honestly, it was the missing down that had me most concerned, but now I know that is normal too. Thanks so much everyone!!
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    Take away the food tonight and check it in the morning. That will tell the tale re: crop or not the crop!
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    Yes! My 5 day old chick has the same thing! It looks like it is back by his shoulder. I will check again today to see if it has gone down, I was worried it was an infection.
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