Weird bumps on stomach and scabs on earlobes**PICS***

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  1. This is my roo Buttons, He keeps getting these scabs on his ear lobes,. He dosent have mites.

    He also has red bumps around his tummy. They are at the base of each feather. I just noticed the bumps but the scabs on his earlobes have come and gone since I had him.
    Here is apicture of the bumps.
    Any info would be appreciated he is my favorite roo!!!!!
  2. All chicken get scabs on there ear lopes. What I see in the picture looks normal "wear & tear" it is just more noticeable because of the white, you could put vaeline on it to help the scabs fall off. As far as the bumps on your boy? maybe some one else might have some ideas. I would say being that it is right next to the feather folicle maybe a reaction to fleas? Its hard for me to tell by this picture. [​IMG]
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    Do chickens get herpes?
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    Seems like somewhere I just read Mareks or another virus said something about tumors on the follicules. You'll have to do some reading and convince yourself one way or another. There are some interesting threads on Hypericum as a treatment for Mareks.

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