Weird chick behavior?


7 Years
May 7, 2012
Laurens, SC
So everyday we take our two chicks outside. They are 3 weeks old. Today we took them out a bit later--close to dusk. One of them(blrw) after being out for about 5 minutes started to kind of burrow down in the grass. The other one(br) was standing over the burrowing one and would peck at it and stand on it. The burrowing one was kind of puffing out it wings. Maybe it was cold? The br has more feathers. I took a picture of them. Maybe this is just normal chick behavior? It is hard to see what is going on. So maybe the br was not cold but the blrw was?
Well that was what I was wondering too but the br was nt doing it too. These are my first chicks and I keep them on paper towels in the brooder so I have not seen a dust bath. Do roosters also dust bathe?
They all will dust bathe at times even when theres no dust/dirt. I've noticed my chickies will step on ones that are resting and/or dust bathing so it seems normal to me.

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