Weird egg coloring.

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    Found a white speckled brown egg this morning. I was wondering if that was normal from a 6 month pullet. She and the flock are on layer crumble free choice and forage for a couple of hours every day.[​IMG]
    The texture is smooth not pitted. 99% certain its from my black sex link Blackberry.
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    Speckled eggs can occur if the pullet/hen is stressed or due to the excess calcium. As your eggs is from a pullet and I'm guessing a new layer I would not be worried as she is more than likely just getting her egg laying machine in full working order.

    Here is a very informative article that's a good read ~
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    There are many kinds of 'speckles'........many are completely normal and not a sign of any stress, deficiency, or disease.
    Some are excess or uneven coating pigment.
    Some are excess cuticle/bloom.
    Some are raised and 'bumpy' from excess calcium.

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