weird eggs-- what should I do?

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    So, after a predator-filled winter I only have 4 EE hens laying right now. They are all reliable layers EXCEPT about once a week one of my girls lays either a double yolker (yippee!!) OR TWO SUPER-SOFT-SHELLED EGGS. Sometimes she gets both of them in the nest, but sometimes I think the 2nd one is a surprise to her & ends up on the ground. The rest of her eggs are large, beautiful & hard-shelled. And, they always have that beautiful deep orange sunset-colored yolk.

    I have about 30 chicks coming up, too. And, I don't want anybody to learn egg-eating. I've been really careful about removing the soft eggs, but it can be difficult since the are so fragile. And, I know somebody will eventually encounter one before I can get to it. Is there anything I can do besides cull? I hate to do it, because she really is a good girl and lays the biggest, bluest eggs of my current four.

    As far as diet is concerned, she gets purina layena, scratch grains, and is free range all day. She gets plenty of greens and extra protein
    (BUGS!!) on the yard. I also give vegetable/ fruit peelings/ waste, food that my 18month old doesn't finish, etc.

    I really can't figure out why she's doing this. If there is anything I can do to help her out, I'd like to try it. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks! :)
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    Do you have a dish of oyster shell for them to help themselves as they need it? It helps with strong shells.

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