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    I found one of my favorite EEs with her eye all gooped shut. I have no idea what caused this.

    I soaked the eye with warm water and got a lot of the goo off.

    I separated her and used warm salt water to soak the eye the next day. Then, I got stuck at work until well after dark for a few days, so she was left on her own in the isolation pen (a large wire dog kennel) for a few days. The next time I checked on her, the scab had fallen off and she looks fine. She's back out with the flock happily eating bugs all day long.

    Just wanted to share my story, I treated her with nothing more that salt water and she was fine. Not sure if I should/could have done anything else, but I just want to encourage anyone who might be worried about a chicken. Nature sometimes does heal them. [​IMG]

    (not always, but sometimes...)
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    Wow! Glad that worked! You have such a lovely EE, I love Easter eggers, amazing they are. :3
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    Wet fowl pox maybe? She has a blockage in her nostril as well. Try putting neosporin on the eye, etc (make sure if it has a pain killer in it that he doesn't have any 'caine written on the label, like lidocaine or benzocaine. The 'caine meds are toxic to chickens. Neosporin uses something different, but many brands use 'caines for the pain killer). Fowl pox is similar (but not the same thing) to chicken pox. No has to run its course and highly contagious. I'd recommend keeping her separated until it is fully cleared up (just to keep the rest of the flock safe if they haven't gotten it already).

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