Weird gooey substance came from my chickens mouth/nose, help!

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    Apr 29, 2010
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    My black sex link hen was scratching with her feet at her face and then shaking her head, and when she shook her head this gooey thing flung out from either her mouth or nose I didn't see, and flung on the side of the chicken wire [​IMG] . I took it inside and took some pics, Can anyone tell me what this is from??? [​IMG] Hope its nothing too serious!!

    Thanks ( Sorry for how big the pics are! ) any suggestions/opinions on what this thing is/what it is from will help.


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    This looks like some type of infection.

    Mine had something similar in the fall. It spread like wildfire thru the flock. Mine had difficulty breathing, would stand head tucked under, one leg raised and would wheeze.

    I put them in quarentine with a cold air vaporizor with cypress oil in it. I did rub cypress oil on their noses and necks twice a day. I used that yellow powder (tetramyician?) in their water for two weeks. It did kill two of my birds, but we did manage to get rid of it. Constant vigilance.

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