Weird Looking Chick, Id help please


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Jul 13, 2008
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This lil one came from my brown egg layers baragin from McMurray. She is 4.5 weeks old in these pictures. She is the slowest in getting her feathers and is very long and lankey. She is almost twice the size of my lil white rock baby, I assumed this chick was a white rock as well. Any help on a breed id, and is she really a she??



The white rock is in the foreground, I assume, and its tail is so much longer. I can see why you would think this bird is different. Almost looks like a white cochin would at that age, except the feet are not feathered. Does Murray sell white jersey giants? Or maybe a white cornish of some kind.
Yes they do sell White Jersey Giants, and yes that is the White rock in the foreground. The white rock is much smaller than the rest she is the only one who can fit through the bars of the dog crate they go into during the day outside.

Here is the weird looking chick as a baby if that helps

She's not a white jersey giant. I've had two from McMurray, and they were dark gray as day-olds, then feathered out white. The legs were also dark, not yellow. Surely McMurray wouldn't have put a white leghorn in with your brown layers... that chick looks just like my leghorns, who get tall and lanky very quickly, though they did feather out more quickly than your chick. They're very fast maturing, so they get their full size very quickly. I've got 4 9wk white leghorns in the pen now, and they're my tallest chicks.

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