Weird Lumps On Rooster's Feathers


12 Years
Nov 14, 2010
One of my roosters, Squeak, recently had some kind of mites. The mites went away all on their own while we searched for medicine, and we were relieved. But suddenly, weird, grainy lumps have appeared on the feathers below his ear lobes and around his wattles, right where he can't reach. I can't help but feel like the disappearance of the mites and the appearance of these lumps are connected. Are they mite eggs? I'm going to clip off the feathers just in case. I'm letting Squeak finish his breakfast first though, so he doesn't struggle much.

Anyway, here are some pictures...

Aw, darn it.
I clipped off the worst of it, but noticed more all over his head. I'll definitely get him some dust or spray or something soon. I have to go into town tomorrow, so I'll get some then.
Thank you!

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