Weird ?male? Welsh Harlequin


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May 6, 2009

We have 4 Welsh Harlequins we raised from chicks this spring. It seemed all along that two were males. However, one has not had its head change color, and has a black bill. Is it also a male? Is it somehow remaining "beta" since the other drake is more advanced? Is it normal to be so slow in changing color? It has the blue wing feathers. We really don't mind either way, but I would like to know.


Thanks for any insight!
You have one pair of Welsh Harlequins, the obvious drake and the one with the dark bill. That bill color is the desired bill color for female Welsh Harlequins. The other two birds are not WH. They appear to be mixes of some sort. Based on their size and coloration, I would guess that they are WH mixed with Saxony or possibly Buffs. They are really pretty though!

We were similarly duped when buying "araucana" chicks which turned out to be "easter eggers". Hard to find good birds eh? I don't really mind at all, in the case of the ducks or the chickens. I just find it interesting that it apparently happens pretty frequently.
CityChicker is right. The WH in front is a girl, the other one is a boy. The other two are mutts. My first thought was buff, but I don't have any experience with Saxonies. Either way those are nice looking ducks. I can't see a drake feather on any of the mixed breeds. Did you somehow end up with 1 drake and 3 hens??
Would you be willing to explain what a drake feather is and how to check?
I don't see why those couldn't just be 'poor quality' gold phase welsh harlequins. They are darker than mine, but both of my gold phase hens which are purebred both have gold bills/feet, instead of the desired dark green bills/feet. I think they are purebred, just not to standard. If they're just for production, it doesn't really matter.

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