Weird pelleted poop, bloody stool?? Cocci!? Looks like raw meat.

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    I have an 8 week old pullet who had a couple poops this morning that looked a bit bloody (photo comparison looked more like intestinal lining, but who knows). She has since been pooping out what looks like normal colored poop, but in tiny pellets. It almost seems compact until I try to clean it up, then it falls apart. Sometimes it is surrounded in liquid. Could this be cocci? All of my chicks seem perfectly normal, but I am worried sick. I am home alone without a car until my DH gets back tomorrow evening. I do not want to lose any chicks, this one especially. She is the sweetest chick I have ever raised. I did switch their feed when I got them a couple days ago, and have seen several types of poops from all 5 of them. The chick in question is very active, not fluffed and doesn't seem lethargic, eats and drinks properly, follows me around, rides on my shoulder, roosts, etc. just as she has been. Please help!! I plan on vaccinating them asap, but I hope it is not too late :(

    Edit: NOT cecal as I thought before, just random. Here are some photos of the chicks in question (they are all pooping pelleted poops with some orange/red tint to them sometimes. Looks similar to raw hamburger meat?) Their poops are not as hard and pelleted as they were before, but still fall apart into pieces when I try to pick up with a paper towel. I think I will put some Corid in their water starting tonight.

    Any ideas are helpful! (I have already used the poop chart to compare, these poops are different.)

    Looks less pelleted than last night, but this is the best shot I could get.


    These 4 chicks are pooping the odd poops. The other chick is in a separate dog crate for being a bully and picking out the others feathers.

    I haven't had the chance to photograph any of the bloodier looking stools.

    This is my favorite chick out of the bunch. She is so sweet and funny. My heart is breaking thinking something is going to happen to her before I can find out what's wrong. I have never loved a bird so much in my entire life!
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    I would start them on Corid ASAP. If you can, get a fresh sample or regular poop and the bloody looking cecal poop and have a vet check it for coccidia.

    Corid Dosing Picture:​


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