Weird poop dance

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by motherhenfran, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. motherhenfran

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    Jul 25, 2014
    Hi guys!

    I have a barred rocks hen roughly 6 months old and she has a weird dance she does when she poops. She almost seems as if she's going through the motions of shaking her tail feathers but is shaking her little behind instead. She is very lively, no health issues, regularly lays 3-4 eggs a week (been laying for alittle over a month now) but sometimes gets poop stuck on her tail feathers. This has occurred for the last couple months. Before I would wipe it off with a warm rag and that didn't help so I trimmed her butt feathers alittle bit (don't freak out people, just the fluffy tips it was getting stuck on) that helped but once they grew the little dingle berries started again. I was thinking maybe that's why she shakes? To try to get it away from her feathers or maybe the already dried on droppings make it uncomfortable for her?

    Let me know if anyone has any experience with this...honestly the dance is kindof adorable and my Pomeranian does the same thing when he is using the facilities so I find it rather cute but I just want to make sure it isn't related to some strange health issue
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    Jul 22, 2013
    Both of my Barred Rocks constantly have poopy butts, one has gotten bad enough a few times that I've had to trim her fluffy feathers. They have very fluffy behinds! I spend a lot of time with them and their pop is almost always solid so I've never really worried about it. As far as the butt wiggling I have no advice [​IMG]
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    How much time have your BR's spent with your pom? Could be a monkey see thing! LOL! Funny but I had a cat that thought she was a dog! She didn't bark but only because she couldn't but she would grawl when the dogs barked at something! Just an example I could go on and on about that but won't. Are you sure they don't have worms? How are their eggs that they lay are they clean or do they have poo on them? I watched a video here that said if they have poo on them that is a sign of having worms. Good luck!
  4. motherhenfran

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    Jul 25, 2014
    @DianaMallory Eggs are clean as can be! I got them from a very reputable chicken farm and they were vaccinated when I got them, they are medicated chick starter up until about a month ago. They were moved to the coop at 4 months and I read to leave them on medicated starter for a month after just to make sure if they catch anything it'll get rid of it. It did start around the time they started their "big girl" food so maybe it's just alittle harder for her to digest? She eats a good amount and weighs around 5lbs (pretty sure that's average for her breed) and like I said, she's lively and basically my shadow/helper so I know she's feeling great.

    @ChirpyChicks1 you never know she could be copying my Pom [​IMG] glad to hear you deal with the same poopy butts with yours. Their feathers back there are so fluffy I doubt she misses alittle extra when I snip off her little single berries hahaha

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