Weird rooster feet

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    May 10, 2016
    OK, backstory, a few months ago we rescued a rooster from a family member's coop. The hens began turning on the rooster and they were pecking all of his feathers out. He lost all of the feathers on his feet and he was a mess when we first got him. No tail feathers or anything :( He seems to be doing better but his feet still look so strange (missing toenails and their bumpy) and now I am worried that something else is wrong with them. Or is this what chicken feet look like when trying to regrow feathers? I have been washing and trying to keep clean but they just look so weird.
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    Welcome to BYC. He looks like he could have a case of scaly leg mites. That can be treated with soaking his legs in a pan of warm soapy watery or epsom salts once a week. Tske a toothbrush and gently loosen the scales during the bath. After drying his legs, apply some castor oil or vaseline to his legs rubbing the oil under the scales.

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