weird scaly leg or bumblefoot? Just not sure...


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I have a pullet who turned up very lame on her left foot/ leg about a week ago. When I examined her she had several small callous like bumps on the bottom of her left foot, and on her toes. I have never had a bird with bumblefoot, but I thought that might be what it was, and so I started her on Baytril, and she is in a small hospital pen where she can't walk on it a whole lot.The bumps seem to be clearing up and dissappearing after just a couple of days on the antibiotic, however, she's still very lame and now her appetite is off, too. I have noticed that she is missing some scales on that leg as well, but it does not look like scaly leg mites to me, the scales are not raised, they are just missing.

to complicate matters, she had a brother who had a condition very similar to this, he was very lame, but did not have the bumps or missing scales. I had him culled as he too lost his appetite and was obviously suffering, and he also had bloody diarhea. The brood these two were hatched in had a lot of problems, one of the other chicks in the brood died of what may have been Marek's, or something like it anyway. Another had a neuro problem, butshe seems to have made a full recovery, with my help.

So, I don't know if I'm dealing with the Marek's thing again, scaly leg, or bumblefoot, or maybe just a bad sprain! Has anyone experienced scaly leg mites where the scales are simply missing but there are no raised scales or other reactions?

I'm just unsure which way to go with this. I soaked her in Epsom salts bath this evening, and it was pretty obvious that it helped with the pain, she was able to stand for a bit after the soak, and pecked around in her pen.

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