Weird stuff on baby chicks beak

Javi the chick lover

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Jul 26, 2021

Can anyone tell me what this is and if its dangerous or just wait it out


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Apr 3, 2011
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Yes, I would agree with @RosemaryDuck that the chick has fowl pox. Most adult chickens do well with pox, but it can be very hard on chicks. It is a virus carried by mosquitoes, and last about a month. Antibiotics do not help. The dry form causes scabs on the face, comb, and wattles. The wet form can cause yellow material inside the beak and throat, and is more rare. Make sure the nostrils are not closed off, or that the eyes are open. If she cannot see, she won’t be able to get enough water and food. You can assist her to get enough. Plain Neosporin ointment can be applied to eyes if scabs are close to eyes. Do not disturb scabs as it spreads the virus.

If you have other chicks outside, bring them in away from mosquitoes. There is a vaccine available, but chicks have to be old enough.

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