Weirton WV Council 10/12: change ordinance on chickens


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Oct 22, 2008
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Anyone else in Weirton WV who own chickens, please attend tonight's (Oct 12) city council meeting at the city building at 7. Because of ferral chickens in King's Creek, the city is planning a new ordinance. I do not know if they plan to ban all ownership although the way this is written it seems as if that is the case, so we need to be there to voice our own concerns and our rights to keep our birds. The first reading of that ordinace is tonight:


"According to an ordinance going before Weirton City Council tonight, the "unlawful harboring of roosters, chickens, or exotic birds" would be punishable by a fine of $200-$500 and up to 30 days in jail. Council will hear the first reading of that measure when it meets at 7 p.m. today on the second floor of the City Building, 200 Municipal Plaza.

The term "exotic birds" excludes parakeets, parrots, cockatoos and other small birds kept as indoor house pets, the document states.

According to Harris, who also serves as the city's animal control officer, a law now on the books permits residents to keep chickens and roosters, provided they are housed in a regularly-cleaned pen 60 feet or more away from any other house.

However, Weirton has been working to rid the city of dozens of feral chickens roaming the Kings Creek Bowl area for about two years, with limited success. Harris said the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been working to remove the chickens for about nine months now, but the process is moving slower than some residents would like.

It's an issue Harris finds embarrassing for the city, at a time when he'd rather focus on larger issues like economic development."

Across the river, Steubenville OH has already banned ownership of chickens in that city, so it is not unreasonable to believe that will be the case here.
Well, we were the only 'pro chicken' folks there. There were several 'ban all chicken folks' (reacting to the feral chickens the city supposedly spent $4000 to rid us of two years back, and the noise of those roosters)

Anyway, because my husband and I spoke out, asking why responsible chicken owners should be punished if we had never had a single complaint, and we don't have a rooster, and don't let them run about 'attacking' people,
we were grandfathered - we can keep them, and so can any other responsible people, but no one can get new ones.

Two councilmen asked that responsible owners be grandfathered, but there were several calls to ban them immediately, citing 'concerns for property values'. Since we had used our 3 min earlier, there was no way for me to respond to that.

So long & short, the mayor promised he won't use city ordinances to harrass my family over the birds (as he heads the animal control dept too), and the man who is my councilman is now on my poop list - talked to me like I was a criminal, very sarcastic - but we can keep the girls for now.

Wish more folks had known about it and shown up.
Has there been any update on this. If not I would if we can get it amended. I live in the city but own several acres. I heard that Stubenville is looking at a 5 acre law about livestock. I seems that as the rest of the world is moving to keeping chickens, Weirton is again at the bottom.
The city just made me get rid of all of my girls. No updated ordinance and they are pretty adamant. My heart hurts
With the cost of food, the shortages everywhere it seems that now is the time to hit the city up once again. People have been steadily leaving weirton based on census numbers not sure how that plays into this. I know I would like to stay if I am allowed to build a more self reliant future for my family.

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