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    E-mail Re: Best large hatchery for true to type?I think most people will find if they have problems with products they recieve from Ideal, if they will contact us directly the problem can be solved immediately. It is the problems that we don't know about or find out about on these boards that we can't solve. If you purchase poultry from Ideal and experience a problem, please contact me directly at [email protected] or give us a call at 254-697-6677 ext. 5406 is Carol Tucker and she is our expert problem solver. Ideal ships over 4 million chicks a year and by human nature there will be errors made, but we will correct the problem if given the chance.

    Teri, Ideal Poultry:)

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    Now at least some of our statements will get back to one of the hatcheries, Glad to see you joined and WELCOME.

    P.S. Are you offering discounts to BYC members? [​IMG]
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    I noticed their post on the other thread also! I think it is a good sign that they logged on as who they are. Perhaps some of the concerns of members will be getting where they need to, at least with this particular hatchery.
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    I think that is very good when large businesses have someone who goes to these forums and finds talk about them. Forums and personal level is where you need to go now a days to get and keep business as word of mouth and research can make any buyer less susceptable to sales people like the older generation was. *no offense tot he older generation!
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    I think it is wonderful that the hatchery is mingleing with it's customers. Could help out the business a great deal.
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    Welcome to BYC!

    I also think it's great Ideal has decided to join us here... But I'm with MDBucks... Do BYC members get a discount? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I am very impressed with their being interested in what their customers are saying about their poultry. If a company is willing to do this, then I feel they are a worthwhile company to consider ordering from. I know personally I have looked at their site and even though I said I would not... I believe DH and I just might be ordering from them. Even though they are a little bit more expensive than other hatcheries, they also give the option of taking just 1 or hundreds. Not to mention on most of their supply you can order females or males only. That was one thing that impressed us the most.

    Thank you Ideal for being interested in your customers and providing us with information that we would not have known otherwise.

    LOL... I am wondering too if BYC members get a discount!
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    I have to say that Ideal Poultry has done right by me. Do you guys remember that I had ordered 25 chicks from them back at the end of May. Then about a month ago they sent out a survey in their customers email. I told them about the accidental mix up in the breeds. Terri emailed me back wanting a more detailed description of what happened. The next day Carol called me and informed me that they were shipping out the birds that were supposed to come in that order in May. I now have 13 beautiful Partridge, Blue and Splash Cochins, Red Crested Polish and WCBP. I was very impressed with the quality of service they gave me. I have even received phone calls from the company asking how the chicks were doing. Mistakes and human error happen. We're not living in a perfect world. I'm glad that they have become a part of this forum. Everyone learns something new every day. I truly believe this will give them an inside scoop (if you will) on what people really think. How much better can that be then to get improvement ideas from the very people that purchase from you?
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    I ordered 30 chicks this year from Cackle Hatchery and received them July 13. I was satisfied with the order and service, but my first intentions were to order from Ideal because they have the largest selection of bantams.
    The only reason I didn't order from them is because my son wanted some black jersey giants and Ideal was out at the time we were ready to order.
    We only entered into Chickendom at Easter when we got 3 chicks for the kids and now we have 45. We were excited about getting specific breeds and didn't want to delay ordering any longer.
    My son and I have already planned our order for next year and because of Ideal's huge selection, we will be ordering from them.
    People in general don't have a problem with human error --
    people have a problem when human error is not corrected!
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    Quote:Did it hurt real bad when the BUG bit you or are you like most of us and didn't really notice till it was too late, and there was nothing you could do but FEED the habit.
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    we just feed the habit:lol:[​IMG]

    I am constantly re-analyzing my limited space to see how I can have more chickens and still keep everyone happy

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