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My Coop
I like to start my day with a good cup of coffee and usually go to bed after my favorite adult beverage.

In between waking and sleeping, I enjoy chatting with friends about chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats, and all our fine feathered friends. And even our 4 legged furry friends!

So I thought I would start my own thread where friends can get together, share stories and pictures (I love pics!) about pretty much anything going on in our lives. Even "real work", if we must. My only preference is to avoid politics and religion. Those usually just start arguments and/or hard feelings and this should be an enjoyable retreat!

So.... a few things that I like: Hatching!! Basically anything that can come out of an egg. I'm an admitted hatch-aholic, with no desire to change at this point. So far, I have hatched ducks, turkey, bantam chickens, large fowl chickens, and quail. I also enjoy learning about taking care of these animals and all that goes with that! I like selling eggs and chicks, and hope to someday make more of a business of this thing that I have fallen in love with over the past year or so.

But besides chickens (et. al.), which takes up a lot of my time now, I also enjoy sewing, quilting, woodworking, building stuff, cars, guns, hunting, fishing, photography, cooking, gardening, movies, television, windows, sludge, gutters, frogs, monkeys, and squirrels! just to name a few things. (Oh look... squirrel!)...

Oh, where was I? I got lost, but that's nothing new to those who know me.

Anyway, feel free to paddle on out to the middle where the bar is, or hang out on the bank and watch. Just please don't try walking on the water. It may look solid, but its probably not.
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It's hard to know when to step in and when to let them fall :th

Thank you. I'm most upset that she risked her life. . your spot on when you said she's running from something. It's her self hatred. She has battled low self esteem for so long. She's her own worst enemy. When she's In the moment It's about whatever makes her feel better. So I know blowing up and being condemning will only make it worse!
She has to fall this time but you have to cushion the blow. Low self esteem is hard to over come . Even harder to help someone over come . Follow your heart use good judgment and remember this happened to her not you . You are involved no denying that . And hope that the shock and scare she got has taught her a valuable life lesson and she has learned from it . Other than that what can one do that will not add to misery . So here's my story . Alex my oldest and Oliver's dad was spoiled by every one . But because of his brother he didn't date until he graduated. Wasn't because he wasn't allowed it was because he was afraid how girls would take his brother . Our deal with him was help us with Ben and we will give you whatever you need and most of what you want . We bought him a truck and gave him money paid him for babysitting . He was allowed to go anywhere he wanted to go on the weekends .A lot of those he spent away from home with his cousins or with his friends . 90 days after he got his truck he went to spent the weekend with his friend that was in the ROTC with him . Alex was captain of the rifle team . At 3 AM the phone rang and DW was talking loud woke me from a sound sleep . All I heard was he totaled his truck and is he alright . I jumped up started dressing and saying he totaled his truck at 3 AM I'm going to kill him . Took the phone chewed out his friend because I just knew he had somehow caused this . Bear in mind that these weren't my exact words they are a lot less spicy :lau Off we go He and the county police are at the scene of the wreck . DW and me get there at the same time as the state trooper . it's 4 then . And the story grows . He and his friend had gone to his friends girl friends house and snuck her and her two cousins out of the window and brought them to his friends grand parents house to party . State law he wasn't supposed to be on the road after midnight and was allowed only one under age passenger without an adult in the car . So all was well till 2 AM at which time the girls needed to go home . They all load up and head out and two miles down a country road he centers a electric pole . Cuts it down goes right through it . it hit he cab over the driver side . rolls off and twenty feet past it they stop and none of them hurt bad . they get out he locks his phone in the truck with engine running and it's cold enough to frost . And they story grows . His friend runs back to his grandparents house and gets another friend calls me and then the two of them take the girls home and sneak them back in the window :barnie. And gets back to the wreck the same time as me . I stopped the trooper from questioning my boy until I had a chance to talk to him . He already knew I was not at all happy about this . And the story grows . Right after the boys snuck the girls back in the window one of them had a hurt ankle and started crying and the other got mom and dad up and they took them to the hospital. After the accident report was finished The state trooper went to the hospital and we followed . With a very sad tearful seventeen year old. He finished the story on the way . His friend tried to talk him into reporting his truck stolen in the morning and say the girls weren't even there . He said dad I called you as soon as it happened . He did I had left my phone in the truck . He had to face the parents of the girls and apologize . When he saw the girl in the emergency room he cried and aid I could have killed somebody . it was just a sprained ankle . He made so angry and so proud the same night I was almost lost as to how to punish him . So I went easy on him he had lost his truck and a friend because he wasn't allowed to ever go to his house again . He was scared to drive but Monday morning I made him drive my daully to school . He friend laughed at him and about the wreck but he had lost nothing and that hurt my sons feelings . And because having a brother like Ben is so hard on his siblings . I let him stew for a few days and then told him that he had just made a mistake and how prod I was because he didn't listen to his friend and make it worse . I also told him that when we settled the insurance I would get him another truck . I looked until I found the exact truck two years newer and just before Christmas I loaded them up and wouldn't say where we were going and drove them to the ford dealer . He and Ben both saw the truck at the same time and Ben ran to the truck opened the door and got in the back seat . Alex said Dad My truck it's my truck . Was I wrong I don't think so. I just got the truck back he drove it for almost twelve years and other than a bunch of miles and a few dings from being used as a work truck . It's all good . Never once have I had to get him out of jail he has never been arrested nor even had a traffic ticket . From the time he was little I would tell him daddy can't fix it if you don't tell me what's wrong . It's progressive My kids didn't have it as hard as I did and his kids won't have it as hard as he did . The girl and college story I'll tell latter :lau


For the Love of Duck
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Nov 30, 2014
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Y'all really do talk too much... :p

Crazy busy yesterday, took all my big ducks and the Swedes from WV all over to Wendy's place...


They took to it like... well, you know, lol...


Of course, Peg had to visit...


And got this gorgeous piece from @perchie.girl in the mail too... :love her work is even more impressive than the pics! Thank you, dear... :hugs

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