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Crossing the Road
Mar 15, 2010
On the MN prairie.
I forgot to mention that my dentist appointment wasn’t terrible. He filled the hole instead of giving me a crown (which was his first thought, but I asked what my options were). I asked him to give me all the Novocain to start with instead of one shot, wait to see if it works, then another shot, etc. The tooth has more cracks in it so it’s just a matter of time before it breaks again, but hopefully this will get me by for a while.

Then we went to the “big town” and I ordered a fireplace. I am very excited!


Yippy Do Da, Yipptye Ay my oh what a beautiful day
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Dec 29, 2015
Mossyrock, WA
We both have dentures I was doomed as a child my Ma had them before she was 30 think I was 48 when I got mine.. My favorite go to the dentist hand him the plates.. Hardest part get the best fit possible

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