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Yippity do Da Yippity ay
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Dec 29, 2015
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Baby gerbils here in the next couple days! Look how big mom has gotten:


I'm wondering how many there will be.
How cool for you Congratulations !


Crossing the Road
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Feb 23, 2018
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Evening fellow ponders,
needed to take a brain break. Attempting to expand on the other studies I've taken on the Constitution so I'm taking a remote learning course from Yale "The Written Constitution" taught by professor Amar, considered the premier constitutional law scholar on the topic. Course is based on his book "America's Constitution- A Biography" . I have the book and it's a great read if you want not just a line by line but to understand more about the full history and circumstances that shaped the Constitution we have today and his take on some of the "whys" can be very thought provoking. Fantastic instructor but he's giving this old gal a brain cramp!!! I have until November 1st to write a 750 word essay on the compatibility between democracy and national security in the Constitution, yes or no, why or why not. Complete with all the footnotes, evidence, etc.
I will not tell you how many DECADES it's been since I've even attempted one these papers!!! It gets worse, I have to do three papers for this course! :eek: :he:lau

Prayers for resurrection of all my dead brain cells would be greatly appreciated.

More power to you.

I haven't taken a college course in so long I don't know at 76 would I want to.

Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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