Well Cynthia your rooster curse has moved on to me!


12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
Memphis TN
Well it is not really a curse but my second splash orpington is *drum roll please* A ROOSTER! Oh well I am almost convinced that all of the rest are girls as thier combs look nothing like the little man! Fingers crossed they stay female. Oh and I am pretty sure the Blue Amer. is a boy, the comb is pink with three small but distinct ridges. So that would make all of the Amer. boys! Oh well I will just have to get some more eggs from somebody, Darn.
Yes she is beautiful and SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet and I have not really worked with her she is just naturally that way. I am in love with the Barred Rock lady. I will take photos today and post them later for more thoughts.

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