Well dang... "training" issue!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Hardpan, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Hardpan

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    May 19, 2016
    Okay ~ three Orpington hens (two black and one silver), and two "mystery" hens I hatched when the feral mom was killed... believe she was a Brown Leghorn.

    Anyway ~ "mystery" girls are going on seven months old; Orpingtons about a month older.

    Built 'em a decent 4' X 8' coop, with a three-nest "sidecar."

    At least one of 'em started laying last week - four eggs harvested from one of the nests. That's a good thing!

    But it seems at least one of 'em is too lazy or dumb to crawl into a nest, and has been dropping eggs from the roost (splat!). Roosts are higher than the nests, by the way....

    So how on Earth does one teach a chicken that this just is not appropriate behavior...?

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    Now thats a new one I've had them just lay them in the coop on the nasty floor with all the poo and stuff but never dropped from the roost. Just make sure they don't get a taste of that precious gold yoke then you have to train them not to eat their eggs.
  3. Hardpan

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    May 19, 2016
    No kiddin'!

    For several weeks now I've had porcelain eggs in the nests, hopefully to give 'em the idea of what they're for as well as discourage 'em from thinking they're yummy... "Dang! That thing is TOUGH!"

    I'm wondering if the nest boxes are big enough... about 13" X 14 1/2", with LOTS of head room.

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    Nest boxes sound large enough. Hens tend to like the same nest box even if all are identical. They will either wait patiently for their chance to use it, or just climb on top of the present occupant and lay an egg on her. That can be why you find multiple eggs in one box. You may also want to post at "Chicken behaviors and egg laying. Welcome to BYC
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    Nov 7, 2012
    [​IMG] Love your description! Perhaps you will need to climb in that side car to show her how it's done! I had one gal that was "not getting it". I hung out until she was showing signs that an egg was on the way, and then stuffed her in the box, and blocked her till she settled. Never had a problem with her after that. New layers are often confused about what is going on. Having an egg fall out their butts is a new bodily function. You might want to put a bit more padding under those roosts until she gets the hang of it. How much head room in the nest boxes? Are they built so that they are a bit dark on the inside? That will help, b/c birds like a secure nest.

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