Well..Did I see embryos starting?..Am I in luck!?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by littlebanty, Mar 15, 2008.

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    I couldnt help myself but I couldnt wait! I took my duck eggs...On day 4 and candled them. I didnt see any veining....But in 3 of them there was absolutley nothing showing. The inside of all 3 eggs were clear and I couldnt even see a yolk. In the other 6 were definate dark and some had red in the dark but no veining. I plan on getting them out again in a couple days and candleing them again to see if I can get some veining. So does this mean we possibly have 6 embryos growing? Im still gonna give the other 3 a small chance but if there is nothing going on by next week Im gonna toss them. I am so anxious and excited I cant contain myself:D!
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    I would give it at least until day 7, possibly day 10 before making any decisions. Some eggs just take longer to develope than others. Don't give up on them too early. Good Luck. [​IMG]
  3. Give it at least another few days. I thought I just saw clear eggs on day 5 and rechecked on day 7 and saw all veining except for a couple.
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    Been looking up on candling pictures and it seems like my 6 eggs could be bad. I took one out again and put it up to a different light and looked at it better and it looks like a large dark blob with a thin red ring in the blob floating around. The other 3 that were clear...I took one out and candled that one and it had an airsac but I didnt see nothing inside. Im gonna check them again in a few days and see what happends. My incubator is set at 99.5 ish. Im wondering if it should be set at 100 and maybe thats a problem. Im gonna keep it at where it is now and if this hatch doesnt work Im gonna set it at 100 and do a few things different.
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    i have duck eggs in the bator also - they are on day 6 now - i candled them tonight and i saw 3 with very nice veins and the rest were clear with the yoke - this is my second time trying to hatch anything ( my bator had two temp spikes and killed the eggs on day 16 ).

    I am going to give mine till day 14 than pull anything not growing. mine are due to hatch on April 5 - give or take a day lol -

    my bator is being kept a little lower than the normal temps since it kept spiking last time and so far the temps are holding where I need them.

    good luck with your ducks - give them a few more days

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    dont throw any away! i candled one of my banty eggs at around day 10 (dont remember) and it showed absolutely NOTHING, but when I cracked it open...Whoops. there was a partially developed chick. it was slightly moving. i dont know which part was moving....but it was.
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    Quote:I got a better light today and candled them...3 ARE duds. The other 6 have growing embryos and saw 2 of them had a definate heartbeat!
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    Aug 22, 2007
    Quote:I got a better light today and candled them...3 ARE duds. The other 6 have growing embryos and saw 2 of them had a definate heartbeat!

    I wanna see heartbeats! grrrr. with my bator hitting 108, i doubt it...
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    Feb 4, 2008
    Candling is so exciting!

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