Well, he made his decision...


*A Scrambled Egg*
14 Years
Feb 8, 2009
And I'm not overly thrilled about it, but as his wife I support him... Hubby has decided to become an officer(navy) and re-enlist for 6 years... I know it's the right decision for our family finacially but I'm ready to settle down and not have to worry about deployments and moving. Such is life I suppose.
I'm thankful for the oppritunity and a job in this economy, just nervous...
You are a good wife. You are a good hearted woman to realize that he is your husband and needs your support. It is obviously something he loves to do, whether it is about money or not, and you are to be commended for standing up for him.
I can only imagine how hard it is to have to move over and over again. I also can understand the fear of having your love in a place where he could die at anytime. But the years will pass and soon you will all be together in one place. I wish you and your children will be able to find peace that your husband and the kids father is a hero. It is very hard to married to a hero. I just hope that you can find peace with the knowledge that this time will soon pass.
Thank you everyone, make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
On a lighter note, the pay increase means more chickens and goats!!!
We should only have to move 1-2 more times so that isnt that bad
A man is no stronger than the wife who supports him.
A smart woman uses her God given gifts to motivate her man to do great things.
A man can do anything his wife tells him he can, or he will fail in every area that she tells him he will.

Your hubby is lucky to have you.
Well Holly...when you move to our state you will have to look us up here! We have a bash coming up in June and would love to meet your family! We have some military people in our group too! Hope to see you soon. Terri O

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