Well, hi!


Jul 11, 2021
Hi All,

This forum has basically been my chicken version of the What to Expect books for about a year now. My husband and daughter took on 4 hens about 6 years ago, but I never really paid attention until everyone was home during the pandemic when it became obvious that, in a shocking turn of events, chickens have pretty entertaining personalities. Fast forward to now, we have two Nigerian Dwarf Goats, our new babies from this year (Sapphire Gem, Salmon Faverolle, Buckeye, and a Polish) along with last years' crew- a Leghorn, Jersey Giant, Cochin, and our Barred Rock from the original group. I spend about 1000% more time outside in our urban "Back 40" than I have since I bought the place hanging out with them, even in the MN winter up here.

Anyway, hi. And thanks to every member here who's asked or answered a question that I've perseverated on and overthought about, be it about Nutri Drench, coop ventilation, pasty butt, fencing, or breed temperament.


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