Well I am impressed


Jul 8, 2010
I got my chicks from Meyer Hatchery. When I thought they were lost in shipping, I had called Meyer and asked how long they might be able to live if delivery was delayed. I was told that since they were shipped Tuesday, they are considered ok for even a Friday delivery. (on another thread I tell that they were found and we drove to pick them up yesterday)

Just a little bit ago, I got a phone call from Meyer. They had made a note of my concerns and that the chicks may have been lost by the post office. They were calling to see if the chicks had been found and if they had arrived. The lady did not have a "business" tone to her voice (as in: it was just a business call) but there was real concern about the chicks. I told her the good news of them being here. She asked if they had all arrived ok. I told that I was quite surprised that they had arrived all alive. She said she was so glad to here that, since the "poor things" (her words) had been all over in shipping. I told her that one is not looking too well and I am concerned about it. She asked if I would call them on Monday to let them know how it did.

I have to say that I am impressed. That they cared enough to make a note about my concern, and that they then called to find out about the chicks. As I said, I did hear care and concern in the person's voice throughout the call and not just a hard toneless business call.

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