well i guess we r now foster parents for some kittens.................


Pie Crust Malfunction
11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
houston tx
the other day we saw some kittens.we didnt want them to be rogue and never be friendly to humans so we took them in.first was 2.today we found the rest of the litter.3 more. so we have 5 kittens.there is 1 long hair calicoe,2 black ones with white paws and 2 tiger striped kittens.the calicoe is mean! its little teeth bite through gloves.they r all no more than 2 weeks old.we rescued the last 3 which were still with the mom. we got a look at em once we got home and that momma aint doing her job! they were dirty and there eyes r all gunked up. we intend to bring them all to the aspca but who knows. we may end up keeping 1. we r trying to tame them first though. the first 2 were so young they only took about 1 day! now 1 of the new 3 is very docile and is already with the 1st 2 but the other 2 r a bit wild so r together in a seperate cage.the group of 3 is in a huge dog kennels with kitten chow that has been softened with water and water. the other 2 also have this. just thought id share our story
Thats so kind of you. I love to foster kittens, as a matter of fact, I'm fostering right now, I've got 4! Keep up the good work, and best of luck!

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