well i had alot of fun this weekend


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
The hubby had 2 days off work so we spent his time off building nesting boxes, and put some boards across the coop for them to perch on since thats the only way they sleep is if they are up high and perching! And we dug a big hole in the ground yesterday and put some plastic in it and made a nice pond for our beautiful ducks!! The best part about all that we did is that the ducks loved us for it! We were using just a baby pool but it was a blow up kind and they popped it.. Those ducks love that pond to the point where they are only out of it for maybe 10 mins and go right back into it!
my ducks in the pool that they popped yesterday lol and i have 4 chickens! I truly love my animals!

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