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    Mar 14, 2011
    well i went out to the coop to see if we had any eggs and a BA was sitting on the nest...i tried reaching under her and she kept pecking me..so i went out a little later(6 hours) and she was still sitting. So i looked about 3 more and she was sitting.went the next morning and still there. so i reached under her and she is bare under neath her. so i guess she is broody "??? is she or isn't she? She got off this mornining and another got on the nest..im guessing to lay another egg...is this okay or do i need to move her?
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    If she is pecking you, then she is broody. She will probably sit on any eggs laid by others in the nest. If you have a rooster and don't want chicks, you will need to keep collecting the eggs.
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    She's broody.
    You can give her fertile eggs or break her.
    If you choose the fertile egg route, don't give more than she can cover and mark all of them so you can remove those the other hens volunteer later.
    She'll come off the nest once a day to defacate (very smelly), eat and drink.

    If not, it's best to put her in a wire or slatted bottom cage suspended to cool her bottom(that's what breaks them) Put a little food and water in the cage. She'll soon start laying again. Broodies will be non productive a month and a half or longer.

    She's barer underneath cause she pulled feathers to line the nest and to get her body heat next to the eggs.
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    Yes, it sure sounds like she is broody. You need to decide whether you are ready for her to be broody... do you want/ need more chicks right now? WHere do you live... does it get really cold where you are, do you have a separate area for her to brood or she could do what she did this morning and leave the eggs she was sitting on to go cold and start sitting on others only to let those go cold too. If you don't want her to raise chicks now you could break her of being broody this time around and wait until the timing is better for you and her. The sooner you do this the better as it takes less time to get her out of the broody 'stage'. Get a cage with a wire floor, put a roost in so she can get off the wire and rest her feet, layer food only and water, keep the cage off the floor so she can't get her bare belly snuggled down on something and stay warm. Remember that once she is in the cage she can't move to a better area if it is too hot or cold or drafty so make sure you put it in a good spot. No treats for a few days. Leave her in there anywhere from 2 days to about 5 if she is determined. When she starts looking normal again (no longer just sitting in one place staring into the distance, no longer 'growling' at you and fluffing her feathers up, looking interested in what's going on around her) you can let her out and just watch what she does. If you find her back on the nesting boxes and not getting out you may have to do it a day or two longer. WOrks like a charm for us... good luck deciding what you are going to do.

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    She is broody. My hen was bare too. It's all normal!

    Good luck if you get babies!! [​IMG]

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