Well, i thought it was mites... Brain exposed!

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    But while I was treating them for mites, I realized that it seemed to be goose-attack baldness, instead of infestation... i treated everybody anyway, but our little crested khaki seems to have her brain exposed where someone (Nasty goose!) ripped her tuft almost off... i washed her up, and put neosporin on the brain stuff... it isn't the gray wrinkly brain, but i think is the dura matter covering... anything else I should do?
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    aww i hate it when stuff like that happens! i would definitely keep her separate and put antibiotics in her water. if she looks like she's suffering wayy too much and doesn't have much chance, i would put her down. [​IMG] good luck though [​IMG]
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    I have her in the 'isolation unit', with a young mallard drake with a cut foot.. so they can both benefit from antibiotics in the water! She seems totally fine, except for the brain thing... she's eating and drinking, and fighting when I try to hold her still to look...
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    So is the top of her skull actually gone? If so....do the humane thing and put her down. She will not live. She will get a brain infection and suffer before she dies. Oral antibiotics are not enough to keep her brain from becoming infected.
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    well, she's tufted, so i don't think she had skull there to begin with... our terrible goose must have just grabbed that tuft, and ripped it up, so it sort of flaps, like a toupee... attached in front, not in the back. I considered trying to stitch it closed, but without the skull over the brain, i am afraid I might stick the needle into the important brainy bits...

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