Well, I'm 90% sure it's MG...


10 Years
May 18, 2010
...can I move everyone back into the coop now?

Here's the thread of my "situation" https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=510904


- silkie chick in the brooder started sneezing, spread to other brooder chicks eventually
- two hens exhibited sneezing, coughing, rales and are currently doing MUCH better
- chicks under my broody BO are now sneezing and congested
- one of the 4 remaining hens in the coop(the two sick hens and the broody/chicks were moved out) now has bubbling in the corner of her eye, ocular discharge, and slight puffiness in her face
- believed to be contracted from a chick from a hatchery in state that is in their first year of business. baby spent time in the brooder AND in the coop with the broody, which would explain how it got in the brooder. was stunted and passed away a few days ago exhibiting no symptoms...probably from failure to thrive
- NO LOSSES so far except for the "failure to thrive" chick

So basically, everyone is going to get it eventually and everyone is being treated. Can I put everyone back in the coop and treat them in the same place? I only have 3 hens that have not exhibited symptoms yet, but we haven't even reached the 6-10 day incubation period yet and they were all living together before this happened (except for the chicks in the brooder).

We will not be adding any more birds to our flock and therefore will not be infecting other birds. These are my pets so I will NOT cull. I have pet rats that suffer from myco (basically all pet rats have it) and I will treat my chickens they same way I treat them, with medication when necessary.
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Don't panic. MG is very common...and yes...it will be a chronic problem now unless you go a year or so without birds and clean up. Just keep them healthy (immune system in good shape) with a good diet and treat symptoms as needed. Baytril is expensive but very effective...ask your vet. Eggs may have pimples or issues..still ok to eat. You may have a little higher feed bill in relation to how thrify your birds are but as long as they are happy, not stressed, and laying eggs for you, all is well. Hope this helps.

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