Well it's about darn time! First Egg(s) *pics*


11 Years
May 19, 2008
Cedar Creek, TX
Feels like we've been on egg watch forever around here! We have one hen, my Australorps Sheila, who is almost 2 MONTHS older than the rest of our chickens so we have been eagerly awaiting her first egg since she hit about 18 wks. 26 weeks came and went with NO EGG!!!

This weekend she turned 27 weeks and today we finally found our first 2 eggs in the coop. Both are the same size and color, one was warm and one was cold, so I guess they could have been laid by the same hen...mebbe one last night and one this morning. I just have no idea who could have laid them since Sheila has taken so long to lay pretty much all of the others have caught up to the age where they might start laying.

In fact, it might not be her egg at all, even though she's had a bright red comb and wattles and has been squatting for weeks now. Argh!

Oh well, I guess I will just settle on being egg-cited that I finally get to eat some fresh eggs...no matter who decided to lay them!


Actually I just have really tiny hands!

They are quite a bit smaller than a Large store-bought egg. I don't mind, though. I know they'll get bigger as they get the hang of the whole laying thing and I'm just relieved to finally have ANY eggs of any size.
Congrats on your eggs!

DH & I are on Egg Watch 2008.

I have 6 that should be laying any day now and I keep checking and asking my girls "Who's going to give Mommy and Egg today?"

They just look at me with silly little faces... "Give me a treat and I'll think about it!"

I do have a question... Is it safe to put the eggs striaght into the refrigerator after it is layed or do you have to leave them out until they get to room tempature before putting them in the frig?
Wow, all this time waiting, waiting, waiting for just one egg...every night going out with a flashlight after work to first check the nest boxes and then the entire yard...now I come out to 2 eggs in the morning and I just found ANOTHER one!

In case you haven't seen the other thread, the hubby and I found and rescued a chicken from the parking lot of Wally World yesterday. She looks like some sort of game breed and she was pretty beat up. I set up an isolation area for her using a large wire dog crate and today she showed her appreciation by laying a nice big egg! What a polite lady she is!

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