Well, it's happened she saw the ghost

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    May 8, 2008
    that has been "living" in my moms house since as long as anyone can remember(including the previous owners)

    Of course now my daughter will not sleep in the bedroom. She has been camping out on the floor on another mattress in front of the wood stove. Or sleeping on the couch. But she said she saw a "little girl in a long dress" watching her.

    I grew up with Amanda, the name she was given. So I was wondering when she was going to show herself to my daughter. I was actually wondering if my daughter was going to even be able to "see" her. Since my sister never did. Although she made herself known to her and everyone else in the house frequently when we were kids. [​IMG]

    After talking with with my daughter and explaining the whole "ghost" thing and that Amanda had been sort of a guardian for us kids for YEARS Sarah doesnt seem to be afraid anymore.
    I spoke with my mom today and she said that Sarah took her stuffed animals and her flashlight and went looking for Amanda upstairs today. We only have the 3 bedrooms on the second floor. They are all in a row except for the room that was the nursery when we were kids. The one my daughter used to sleep in when she was there. You have to walk through the one other room to get to the next. Yeah, growing up I had NO privacy at all.[​IMG]
    Sarah also said that she felt Amanda touch her shoulder and saw her smile at her. So with luck the kid will grow up knowing that the little girl ghost in the long dress isnt going to harm her an ddidnt mean to scare her. She just wanted to see her, and see if Sarah could see her back. I am torn if I want her to have the "gift" that I do, that my dad had. And to embrace it. Or to be like my sister and ignore it as much as possible and deny deny deny LOL

    With another baby on the way.. my sister is due in March. I am sure that Amanda is just warming up. It has been a LONG time since there have been kids in the house. And from what we learned from the town hall records Sarah is just now 2 years younger than Amanda was at the time of the fire and her death. All the excitement of active kid and another one on the way is making her happy. which I think is more than just a little cool.
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    there was a ghost in the house I live in now, when it was my grandparents. We think it was attached to either my grandmother or an object in the house because I am sensitive and Ive lived here for 2 years and only 2or 3 times felt something. When it was my grandparents I saw the light on the wall and heard the knocking which Ive only heard once since living here. When I would stay here with my grandmother I would just say out loud, your scaring me and I know you dont mean to, please let me sleep. It seemed to do the trick. Maybe it would make her feel better to say something like that.
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    Wow what an experience. Keep us posted if dd has any more encounters. I find it very interesting. [​IMG]
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    Oct 17, 2008
    Generation after another has had the "sight". Some of mine were terrified until I explained things supernatural to them. It's nice you didn't minimize it ,but explained. It's also nice you all have nice ghosts. My 7 year old saw every kind you could think of, scary and none, until we moved here. We have some residual energy but nothing bad so far. Ghosts, spirits etc. are drawn to some people. A little ghost boy followed us here. At 1st Hannah was upset he followed her. I told her he was probably lonely and afraid. She said he missed his mom. I told her we would pray for him to find peace. She said she hasn't seen him since.It's a burden, but it's there for a reason. We pray for all the ones that come across our lives. I loved your story, thank you for sharing, and happy holidays. [​IMG]
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    Only one time did I "see" someone and then they only way I can describe it as seeing it in my minds eye. But I can feel the presence and I have a feeling when things are going to happen. The last time was a couple weeks ago, I felt a certain kind of unsettledness and sadness then later that day my son had a farm accident. He's 17 now and when he was younger he snowed a little bit of knowing things. Now he knows that I have the feelings and says sometimes he does too.
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    this is all so neat..i love hearing about these stories...i totally believe in ghosts..or spirits...the enery in our body has to go somewhere when we die....and, i also think thats why they say its easier for them to come through or get noticed..through electronic equipment...i also think that most (but not all) ghosts are people that have sudden or violent or unexpected deaths..the energy is released to quickly...where as if someone takes a while to pass on..i think the energy kinda dwindles down ??...what do you think?
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    Jun 1, 2008
    Since this might be the place to ask, those of you who "see", do you see anything not human? Sorry, if that sounds strange. I had 3 of my children(2 on second floor in same room and 1 on first floor) all "see" something knee high, very close in description to each other and minutes apart. Dh went up to see the kids upstairs when my son on the first floor started calling for us. He could not have heard what was going on upstairs. They are described a small "creature" that walked on 2 legs, and my son on the first floor said it was standing in front of his face, inches away. Dh doesn't really believe in this stuff and went crazy looking for an animal, but the cats were in my room and unconcerned, not like if they hear a squirrel. Sorry to threadjack, but people look at me like I'm crazy if I mention that I believe them. So any experience not human? Or were my children all having the same bad dream, and no, no creepy movies for these kids, ages 9, 7, 4.5 at the time.
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    Interesting stories. My great-grandpa supposedly saw an angel in the hospital a few days before he died. He said a man that was glowing with white light came through the wall and smiled at him and spoke to him. My great-grandpa wasn't on any unusually strong pain medication and was completely coherent when he was admitted to the hospital (heart trouble).

    Although I haven't seen a ghost or an angel myself, I believe their existence is possible. I just don't think I've been in the right place at the right time to see anything like that.
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    Oh I am so tickled that there are other believers on this board! WOO HOO
    I am glad Amanda is a nice spirit, a nice guardian.

    Keep the stories coming!
    ((A closet ghost hunter))
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    I too feel you.

    Great story.

    I think I was sensitive when I was younger and blocked it out. My mother, grandmother and husband are all sensitive.

    My grandmother used to help the police find missing people.

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