Well...my babies are in the dark

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    After reading about how someone's red heat lamp exploded it was all I could think about. I ordered the ceramic type and in the meantime used a plain 75W bulb. I hated to have them up all night though (they did sleep some but I wonder if they slept enough with bright white light shining all night) so tonight I put the ceramic one in and no light (I can only plug in one thing at a time out there). I read all over first to make sure and saw that they don't really need the light so hopefully they are ok. (I left light on until about 1 am and then it gets light around 6 am).

    Off to go check on them...again. [​IMG]

    btw they are just about 2.5 weeks old.

    eta: it is just under 80 in there and they are flat out asleep all over the place-not snuggled up like usual. I have the heat lamp as far away from the floor as it can get so I hope that isn't too warm for just a few hours.
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    If they are not piling, they are fine.

    Go to sleep. [​IMG]
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