Well no more turkeys


10 Years
Oct 1, 2009
Guthrie, MN
got up this morning to the turkeys all over the yard dead
i worked late last night and nobody closed the door on their pen
so this morning 8 bodies and 2 missing maybe they will show up
neighbors dogs again
i shot these dogs parents 2 years ago but the puppies kill turkeys too
but i didnt see them do it so no chance of compensation
on a good not the lonely guinea survived his second dag attack he is the lone survivor of two massacres now need to breed him and ill never lose a guinea again lol

Well everyone is safe and sound tonight
so far
just got go back to the 3S's
Shut up

on any dog that is on my property
there are a couple dogs that come over to play with mine and my kids but they dont mess with the birds or id send them packing but there is a pack of dogs that attacked my neighbors dog this spring and nearly killed it most of them are dead but there are still 2 or 3 still about that havent been caught
on a funnier note we als have a pack of goats in the neighborhood one of the buck was shot this spring because he wouldnt let the people into their house
I hear ya on the dog situation.People can be so irresponsible for their animals.Just because dogs have a prey drive,Doesn't give them the right to enter MY property and pester my animals.People always say "its not the dogs fault".Ummm yea it is.
Dogs know what they are doing.Ever seen a dog that has just tore up your favorite pair of boots? They put their guilt face on because they KNOW they did something wrong.

If your dog comes in my yard and kills something what am I suppose to do? Just shoo him away?...What would happen if my chicken jumped the fence and killed your dog.?UGH
Okayy getting off my soap box now.

We also had a wild goat in the area.He was HUGE solid white Boer/kiko cross,must have been dumped.Haven't seen him in awhile...
If your dog comes in my yard and kills something what am I suppose to do? Just shoo him away?...What would happen if my chicken jumped the fence and killed your dog.?

I love this never thought of this that way
Ditto...Sorry for your loss..I was given 6 tom turkey chicks..to bad you live so far away. I don't know what I am going to do with them. Feed them till they feed me I guess.
But that means another coop
I am really sorry for your lose.

However, this is a timey subject. Today I am getting ready to upgrade the chicken’s pen and build a real ground level door. This is so that the chickens can put themselves to roost at night. I too am worried that I might “forget” to lock them in at night. Old age or maybe we get too busy and have too much on our minds nowadays.

As silly as it sounds, I am going to get a twenty-four hour alarm clock and make sure it goes off at the appropriate time as a backup reminder so that I can make sure the girls are safe before dark. Most of the time they let me know, but I want to make sure.
on a good note my sisterinlaw felt bad so she about my turkeys so she just bought me 8 slate blues that are 20 weeks old
and the people threw in 2 guinea keets to boot
so ill have breeder now for next spring woot woot

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